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Vocationalization of education is a concept accepted world over. In other states of our country the course is being conducted without traditional subjects. When it comes to Kerala, a state with highly enlightened people, it has to be conducted in a different manner. Addition of traditional subjects to the vocational curriculum has added to the burden of students. It has to be modified according to the demands of the modern globalized world.

Curriculum revision is the need of the hour. Many of the courses conducted currently are designed to meet the challenges of the 80s and 90s. In that sense many of the courses have lost its significance/relevance/have become redundant. At the same time, the traditional form of Higher Secondary Education which includes Arts, Science and Commerce streams has to be strengthened.

The Department should come under Higher Secondary Education and there should be a separate wing for vocational education within that. Only those who really opt for vocational education should go for it. The present trend of students undergoing VHSE and trying out courses in traditional education shows that the stream has failed to meet its end.