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Government Order                                                 Date                            Subject                                                                      
 GO(Rt)No 9670/2013/Fin 24/12/2013 Development Fund - Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(Rt)No 9658/2013/Fin 24/12/2013 General Purpose Fund - Transfer of fund to Local Governments
 GO(P) No 630/2013/Fin 23/12/2013 Payment of Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees and Dearness Relief to State Service Pensioners/Family Pensioners- Revised rates effective from 01.07.2013
 GO(P) No 629/2013/Fin 23/12/2013 Payment of Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees and Dearness relief to State Service Pensioners/Family Pensioners - General Guidelines
 GO(P)No 628/13/(182)/Fin 21/12/2013 Pay Revision 2009 - Local Fund Audit Department - Modification of Scale of pay - Sanctioned
 GO(P) No 626/2013/Fin 20/12/2013 Pension Revision 2009 - Special Pay in lieu of Higher Time Scale of Pay - Modification
 GO(P) No 622/2013/Fin 19/12/2013
 GO(Rt) No 621/2013/Fin 19/12/2013
 GO(Rt) No 9418/2013/Fin 13/12/2013 National Savings -  Allotment of funds to the Districts to meet the expenditure on the remuneration to  MPKBY/SAS agents
 GO(P) No 604/13/Fin 12/12/2013 Securitisation of principal and interest portion of existing House Loan Portfolio-Repayment- December 2013
 GO(P) No 602/2013/Fin 11/12/2013
 GO(Rt) No 9207/2013/Fin 06/12/2013
 GO(Rt) No 9131/2013/Fin 04/12/2013 Implementation of National Pension System in the state- Constitution of Steering Committee
 GO(P) No 587/2013/Fin 03/12/2013 Special Development Fund for MLAs - Inclusion of Forest Industries (Travancore ) Ltd as an accredited agency for execution of works
 GO(P) No 586/13/Fin 03/12/2013 Interest Free Medical Advance to Government Employees- Modification to Application Form
 GO(Ms)No 583/2013/Fin 30/11/2013 Revision of pay of employees, staff of educational institutions,local bodies etc -Constitution of Pay Revision Commission
 GO(Rt) No 8985/2013/Fin 28/11/2013 Development Fund-Transfer Funds to Local Government
 GO(Rt) No 8984/2013/Fin 28/11/2013 Maintenance Fund (Road Assets and Non Road Assets)-Transfer of Funds to Local Governments
 GO(Rt) No 8983/2013/Fin  28/11/2013 General Purpose Fund-Transfer of Funds to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 580/2013/Fin 28/11/2013 Economy in Expenditure Enforcement of additional expenditure measures -Modified
 GO(Rt)No 8979/2013/Fin 28/11/2013 Transfer credit from Consolidated fund to Public Account and release of amount to the Project Office
 GO(Rt) No 8870/13/Fin 23/11/2013 Appointment of Sri.R.Narayanan, former Finance Secretary to submit report on norms for remuneration to Commissions of the State
 GO(Rt) No 8860/2013/Fin 22/11/2013 Pay Revision 2009-Order of Kerala Administrative Tribunal in OA No 1425/2013
 GO(P) No 577/2013/Fin 26/11/2013 Special Development Fund for MLAs- Implementation-Guidelines-Modification
 GO(P) No 575/2013/Fin 26/11/2013 Kerala State Insurance Department-Sum Assured Table and surrender value factor on SLI
 GO(Ms)No 571/2013/Fin 21/11/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Universities - scale of pay - modified
 GO(Ms)No 570/2013/Fin 20/11/2013 Mutual Interdepartmental transfer of  Assistants
 GO(Ms)No 569/2013/Fin 19/11/2013 Revision of Pay scales of employees of KWA Modification Orders issued
 GO(Ms) No 568/13/Fin 19/11/201 Public Sector Undertakings - Hire charges of official vehicles used for non-duty purpose by the Chief Executives - Revision of rates
 GO(P) No 565/2013/Fin 18/11/2013 Amendment to Article 303 A - Kerala Financial Code Vol I
 GO(Rt)No 8796/2013/Fin 21/11/2013 Erratum -Transfer credit from consolidated fund to public account
 GO(Rt) No 8693/2013/Fin 19/11/2013 Demand No XXXI-Major Head 2403-Animal Husbandry-Reclassification of estimates/expenditure under       minor head ' 800-Other Expenditure'
 GO(Ms) No 556/2013/Fin 13/11/2013Kerala State Insurance Department - Introduction of co-insurance arrangement in General Insurance Business - Sanctioned-Orders issued 
 GO(P)No 555/2013/Fin 13/11/2013 GPAI Scheme Renewal of the scheme for the year 2014-Orders issued
 GO(P) No 554/2013/Fin 13/11/2013 Travelling allowance- Personal Staff accompanying Ministers on tour- Authorizing Private Secretaries to  Ministers to exempt ceiling limit
 GO(P) No 546/2013/Fin 07/11/2013 Extending the benefits of Public Procurement Policy for Micro & Small Enterprises
 GO(P) No 545/2013/Fin 06/11/2013 Dearness allowance arrears-Crediting to Provident Fund Accounts-Time limit extended
 Go(Rt) No 8238/2013/Fin 29/10/2013 Administrative Sanction for the construction of temporary office for Sub Treasury,Sasthamkotta
 GO(P) No 541/2013/Fin 29/10/2013 Kerala Financial Code Vol I-Article 53-Amendment-Issued
 GO(P) No 8386/2013/Fin 05-11-2013 Allocation of 1st Installment of Grant under 13th Finance Commission to Local Governments
 GO(P) No 533/13/Fin   25/10/2013 Group Insurance Scheme-Enhancement of Rate of Interest
 GO(Ms) No 528/2013/Fin 22/10/2013 Speedy Disposal of Unserviceable Articles Lying Idle in Various Departments-Instructions
 GO(Rt) No 8089/13/Fin   22/10/2013 Opening of Zero-Balance Account in the Designation of Additional Chief Secretary, Finance
 GO(P) No 529/2013/Fin 22/10/2013 Kerala Service Rules-Leave without allowance-Restrictions relaxed
 GO(P) No 526/2013/Fin   19/10/2013 LAC-ADF - Re-naming as LAC-ADS
 GO(P) No 518/2013/Fin 15/10/2013 Kerala Financial Code Vol I - Article 119- Amendment Issued
 GO(Rt) No 8036/2013/Fin 19/10/2013 Development fund
 GO(Rt) No 8035/2013/Fin 19/10/2013 Maintenance Fund
 GO(Rt) No 8034/2013/Fin 19/10/2013 General Purpose Fund
 GO(P)No 515/2013/Fin 11/10/2013 Enforcement of additional economy measures and measures  for revenue realisation
 GO(P)No 508/2013/Fin 05/10/2013 Economy in expenditure- Use of Govt vehicle for private purpose- Monthly charge revised
 GO(Ms)No 507/2013/Fin 05/10/2013 Delegation of Financial powers
 GO(P)No 506/2013/Fin 05/10/2013 Delegation of financial powers modified
 GO(P)No 504/2013/Fin 04/10/2013 Family pension at higher rate to the families of part time contingent employees/pensioners
 GO(Ms)No 503/2013/Fin 04/10/2013 RIDF Scheme-Enhancement of delegation of District Collector,Kasargod and constitution of tender committee
 GO(Rt)No 7648/2013/Fin 01/10/2013 KFC-Appointment of Chairman & Managing Director- Terms and Conditions
 GO(Ms)No 496/2013/Fin 28/09/2013 Implementation of National Pension System Execution of agreement sanction accorded
 GO(P)No 495/2013/Fin 28/09/2013 Implementation of National Pension system Personnel who availed LWA
 GO(P)No 494/2013/Fin 28/09/2013 Adhoc Bonus and Special Festival Allowance 2012-13- Modified
 GO(Rt)No 7520/2013/Fin 26/09/2013 General Purpose Fund-Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(Rt)No 7519/2013/Fin 26/09/2013 Development Fund-Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(Rt)No 7518/2013/Fin 26/09/2013 Maintenance Fund - Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 486/2013/Fin 25/09/2013 Extending HBA by HUDCO to State Government Employees- sanctioned
 GO(Ms)No 479/2013/Fin 23/09/2013 Kerala State Entrepreneur Development Mission Share Capital Contribution from Government for the implementation of KSSEDM
 GO(P)No 477/2013/Fin 13/09/2013 Special Festival Allowance - extended
 GO(P)No 476/2013/Fin 13/09/2013 Proper and timely reconciliation of Departmental figures of both receipts and expenditure -Guidelines
 GO(P)No 475/2013/Fin 13/09/2013 Social Security/Labour welfare pensions- Aadhaar- time limit extended
 GO(P)No 468/2013/Fin 12/09/2013 Issuance of orders relating to Revision of pensionary benefits from Finance Department
 GO(P)No 467/2013/Fin 12/09/2013 Special Festival Allowance - Extended to Additional staff of MLAs
 GO(Ms)No 462/2013/Fin 11/09/2013 Special Festival Allowance to employees of Public Sector Undertakings for 2012-13
 GO(P)No 460/2013/Fin 10/09/2013 Pension/Family Pension for October 2013 - Early disbursement in connection with ONAM
 GO(P)No 459/2013/Fin 10/09/2013 Special Festival Allowance sanctioned to certain categories-Orders Modified
 GO(Ms)No 458/2013/(178)/Fin 10-09-2013 Pay Revision 2009-Health Services Department-Incorporation of Category of Post and Modification of Scale of Pay
 GO(P)No 455/2013/Fin 10/09/2013 Adhoc Bonus and Special Festival Allowance 2012-13 to State Government Employees -Modified
 GO(Ms)No 454/2013/Fin 10/09/2013 Externally aided projects-Constitution of monitoring committee
 GO(P)No 447/2013/Fin 09/09/2013 Enhancement of special casual leave to employees undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation
 GO(Ms)No 432/2013/Fin 05/09/2013 Onam Advance to Part time Contingent Employees NMR workers and other categories of employees for 2013
 GO(P)No 431/2013/Fin 05/09/2013 Onam Advance to Government Employees for 2013 sanctioned
 GO(P)No 430/2013/Fin 05/09/2013 Adhoc Bonus and Special festival Allowance 2012-13 to State Government Employees and Pensioners
 GO(P)No 421/2013/Fin 05/09/2013 Counting of Military Service for Civil pension
 GO(Rt)No 6935/2013/Fin 30/08/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Development Fund Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 415/2013/Fin 02/09/2013 SRO Amendment to Part III KSR
 GO(P)No 412/2013/Fin 30/08/2013 Early disbursement of 25% of pay and allowances in connection with ONAM- Modification issued
 GO(P)No 410/2013/Fin 30/08/2013 LSGIs- Decentralization of power -Transferred functions
 GO(Rt)No 6916/2013/Fin 29/08/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Maintenance Fund Transfer to Local Governments
 GO(Rt)No 6915/2013/Fin 29/08/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 General Purpose Fund Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(P) No 408/2013/Fin 27/08/2013
 GO(P)No 406/2013/Fin 27/08/2013  KSR  Amendment
 GO(P)No 405/2013/Fin 27/08/2013 KSR Amendment Special Casual Leave
 GO(P)No 404/2013/Fin 26/08/2013 Early disbursement of 25 % of pay and allowances for the month of September 2013 in connection with ONAM
 GO(Ms)No 389/2013/Fin 16/08/2013 Securitisation August 2013
 GO(P)No 382/2013/Fin  05/08/2013 Enforcement of additional economy measures and measures for revenue realization
 GO(Ms)No 377/2013/Fin 03/08/2013 Drivers on daily wages working in the offices of the Hon'ble Chief Minister and Ministers
 GO(Rt)No 6452/2013/Fin 03/08/2013 Pay Revision 2009- Order Dated 16/01/2013 of the Kerala Administrative Tribunal in OA No 2632/2012 filed by Sri.K.L Paul complied with
 GO(P)No 374/2013/Fin 01/08/2013 Family Pension to the parents of deceased Govt. Employee consequent on remarriage/death of spouse
 GO(P)No.366/2013/Fin 27/07/2013 Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 2013 Extension of time limit for joining the Scheme
 GO(P)No 363/2013/Fin 27/07/2013 Social Security Pensions- transfer to the Bank /post office accounts of beneficiaries -Instructions issued
 GO(Rt)No 6177/2013/Fin 25/07/2013 Funds for Traditional Functions - Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(Rt)No 6176/2013/Fin 25/07/2013 Development Fund- Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(Rt)No 6175/2013/Fin 25/07/2013 Maintenance Fund-Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 362/2013/Fin 24/07/2013 Digitisation of records of State Government Employees and pensioners in the Office of Accountant General
 GO(Rt)No 6011/2013/Fin 19/07/2013  Budget Estimates 2013-14 Funds for Expansion and Development
 GO(Ms)No 342/2013/Fin 15/07/2013 Securitisation HBA Payment for the month of July 2013
 GO(P)No 340/2013/Fin 12/07/2013 Social Security Pensions /Labour Welfare Pensions - Aadhaar made mandatory and Electronic Benefit Transfer scheme introduced
 GO(P)No 339/2013/Fin 12/07/2013 Social Security Pensions/ Financial Assistance - rates enhanced
 GO(Rt)No 5740/2013/Fin 11/07/2013 Speedy disposal of Unserviceable articles - fixation of fair value - orders revised
 GO(Rt)No 5765/2013/Fin 11/07/2013 Maintenance Fund -Transfer of fund to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 335/2013/Fin 11/07/2013 Delegation of Financial Powers to the Member Secretary,State Planning Board-Modified
 GO(Ms)No 331/2013/Fin 11/07/2013 Revision of scale of pay and allowances - Institute of Management in Government Modified
 GO(P)No 321/2013/Fin 06/07/2013 Kerala Water Authority - Reoption
 GO(Ms)No.318/2013/Fin 05/07/2013 HBA to Govt Employees and Services - Counting of Military Service
 GO(P)No 317/2013/Fin 04/07/2013 LTC to State Govt.Employees- Guidelines -Head of Account Clarification
 GO(Rt)No 5403/2013/Fin 27/06/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Maintenance Fund -Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(Rt)No 5402/2013/Fin 27/06/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Development Fund Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 301/2013/Fin 26/06/2013 NABARD assisted RIDF
 GO(P)No 300/2013/Fin  25/06/2013 MLASDF Implementation -Guidelines- Modified
 GO(Rt)No 5340/2013/Fin 25/06/2013 Budget Speech- Constitution of Monitoring Committee
 GO(Rt)No 5331/2013/Fin 25/06/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Funds for Traditional Functions Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 295/2013/Fin 21/06/2013 Mahila Pradhan Agents /SAS-Agents Welfare Fund
 GO(Rt)No 5278/2013/Fin 21/06/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Development Fund -Transfer of funds to LSGs
 GO(P)No 285/2013/Fin 14/06/2013 KSRs Part III Rule Reemployment pay of pensioners coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes
 GO(Ms)No 284/2013/Fin 14/06/2013 Securitisation of Principal and interest portion of HBA June 2013
 GO(Rt)No 5075/2013/Fin 14/06/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Funds for Traditional Functions Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 282/2013/Fin 12/06/2013 Procedure for fixing and enforcing responsibility for losses Levy of interest revised
 GO(Ms)No 281/2013/Fin 11/06/2013 KFC Government guarantee provided for the issue of bonds for Rs 400 Cr Revalidation of Government Order
 GO(P)No 275/2013/Fin 06/06/2013 Part time Teachers-- Reckoning  50% of parttime service as qualifying service for pensionary benefits -clarification
 GO(P)No 272/2013/Fin 05/06/2013 PSUs which follow KSR- Grant of Paternity leave to serving male employees
 GO(P)No 271/2013/Fin 04/06/2013 SDF for MLAs - Implementation- Guidelines - Modification
 GO(P)No 270/2013/Fin 04/06/2013 Kerala Service Rules Part III Rule 100 Reemployment pay of pensioners-further clarification
 GO(P)No 269/2013/Fin 04/06/2013 Kerala State Life Insurance Rules Loan Streamlining-reg
 GO(Rt)No 4822/2013/Fin 05/06/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Development Fund Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(P)No 264/2013/Fin 30/05/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Local Self Government Institutions Deduction towards shortfall in expenditure and Net Allocation under funds for Expansion and Development and Maintenance Expenditure-Modifications
 GO(Rt)No 4642/2013/Fin 28/05/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Maintenance Fund Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(Rt)No 4641/2013/Fin 28/05/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Funds for the Traditional Functions (General Purpose Fund)-Transfer of funds to Local Governments
 GO(Ms)No 249/2013/Fin 25/05/2013 Govt.Commercial Department/Undertakings and Irrigation Schemes Rate of Interest on Capital Outlay and depreciation Reserve Funds for the year 2012-13
 GO(Rt)No 4350/2013/Fin 18/05/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Order dated 16/01/2013 of the Kerala Administrative Tribunal-Complied with
 GO(P)No.223/2013/Fin 15/05/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Allocation of World Bank aided Performance Grant under Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project (KLGSDP)among various Municipalities and Grama Panchayats
 GO(Ms)No 221/2013/Fin 15/05/2013 Government and Aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges Revision of Pay and allowances -Modification
 GO(P)No 220/2013/Fin  14/05/2013 Dearness Allowance to Employees / Dearness Relief to Pensioners
 GO(Ms)No 219/2013/Fin 14/05/2013 Securitisation -Payment for the month of May 2013
 GO(P)No 214/2013/Fin 09/05/2013 Enhanced delegation of powers of Departmental Officers,Govt.Tender Committee and Committee of Secretaries to sanction tender excess for works
GO(P)No 213/2013/Fin  09/05/2013 TR 5 Receipts bearing Centralised Numbering System-Mandatory usage with effect from 01/07/2013
 GO(P)No 209/2013/Fin 07/05/2013 Implementation of National Pension System for  to the State Government Employees -Continuance of KSR Part III pension scheme
GO(P)No 208/2013/Fin 07/05/2013 Implementation of National Pension System to the State Government Employees -erratum
GO(Ms)No 200/2013/Fin 02/05/2013 Revision of pay and allowances of employees of KWA Erratum
GO(P)No.197/2013/Fin  30/04/2013 Drawal of Tour Advance and delayed refund of unutilized portion - levy of interest
GO(Rt)No 3885/2013/Fin  29/04/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-14 Funds for traditional functions (General Purpose Fund) transfer of funds to Local Self Governments
GO(Rt)No 3884/2013/Fin 29/04/2013Budget Estimates 2013-14 Maintenance Fund (Road Assets and Non road assets )Transfer of Funds to Local Self Governments
GO(P)No 189/2013/Fin 26/04/2013 Provident Fund -Rate of interest for the financial year 2013-14
 GO(P)No 181/2013/Fin 19/04/2013 Kerala Fiscal Responsibility(Amendment)Rules 2013
 GO(Ms)No 177/2013/Fin 18/04/2013 Loans and Advances sanctioned to State Government employees -recovery during April 2013 postponed
 GO(P)No.176/2013/Fin 17/04/2013 GPAI Scheme Renewal of the scheme for 2013 Modified
 GO(Ms)No.174/2013/Fin  16/04/2013 Securitisation of principal and interest portion of existing House Loan portfoilo -payment for April 2013
 GO(P)No 161/2013/Fin 09/04/2013 LAC ADF Land acquisition for implementation of projects guidelines
 GO(P)No 157/2013/Fin 06/04/2013 LAC ADF Enhancement of permissible maximum number of works Guidelines issued
 GO(P)No 154/(186)/2013/Fin 06/04/2013 Technical Education scale of pay Modification
 GO(P)No 149/2013/Fin 03/04/2013 Implementation of National Pension System for State employees appointed after 01/04/2013
 GO(Rt)No 2848/2013/Fin 30/03/2013 Demands for grants and detailed Budget Estimates 2012-13 Modification of nomenclature of the sub head 2039-00-001-96
 GO(P)No 146/2013/Fin 01/04/2013 LTC to the State Government Employees - Rules /Guidelines- Head of Account Clarification
  GO(P)No 145/2013/Fin 30/03/2013 Daily wages of Drivers -enhanced
  GO(P)No 144/2013/Fin  30/03/2013 Special  scheme  for the locally important works -Guidelines
 GO(Rt)No 2532/2013/Fin 27/03/2013Budget Estimates 2012-13 Funds for traditional functions -Allocation of funds to Local Government-Transfer credit and release of the installment for March 2013
 GO(Rt)No  2531/2013/Fin 27/03/2013Budget Estimates 2012-13 Funds for Traditional Functions Allocation of funds to Local Governments- release of gap fund for 2012-13 and transfer credit
 GO(Rt)No 2446/2013/Fin 26/03/2013World Bank Aided Performance Grant under KLGSDP
 GO(Rt)No 2455/2013/Fin 26/03/201310th installment of funds for expansion and development Allocation of funds to the local governments
GO(P)No 143/2013/Fin 25/03/2013 Treasury Fixed Deposits - Rate of interest -revised
GO(Rt)No. 2197/2013/Fin 21/03/2013 National Savings Agents Welfare Fund Investment of Rs 1,60,00,000/-as Treasury Fixed Deposit in District Treasury ,Thiruvananthapuram for three years
GO(P)No 136/2013/Fin  16/03/2013 Part III Kerala Service Rules Amendment
GO(Ms)No 135/2013/Fin 14/03/2013 Pay Revision - Perks and Allowances to Vigilance Tribunals-Sanctioned
GO(Rt)No 1924/2013/Fin 15/03/2013Facility Management System in the Department of Treasuries-Executing agreement with M/s KELTRON 
GO(P)No.131/2013/Fin 11/03/2013 Government Secretariat-Electricity Charges / Water Charges - payment procedures
GO(P)No 130/2013/Fin11/03/2013 Dearness Allowance Arrears-Crediting to Provident Fund Account -Time Limit Extended
GO(P) No 124/2013/Fin 05/03/2013 KSR -Grant of Special Casual Leave to employees undergoing transplantation-extension of benefit to donors
GO(P)No 118/2013/Fin 02/03/2013 Government and aided Ayurveda Medical Colleges-Revision of scales of pay-extension of option-clarification
GO(P)No 111/2013/Fin 02/03/2013 Government and aided Homoeopathic /Ayurveda Medical Colleges Revision of scales of pay clarification
GO(P)No.110/2013/Fin 01/03/2013 Delegation of Financial Powers of the Administrative Departments of the Secretariat and Head of Departments -Revised
GO(Ms)No 108/2013/(136)Fin 01/03/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department-Modification of scale of pay and granting of ratio based higher grade
GO(P)No 107/2013/(135)Fin 28/02/2013 Pay Revision 2009 Dairy Development - Correction
GO(P)No.106/2013/Fin  27/02/2013 Disbursement of pensionary benefits on the date of retirement-State level Committee constituted
 GO(P)No 101/2013/Fin 23/02/2013 Introduction of centralised system for the payment of electricity /water charges of Government Departments - Amendment
GO(P)No 100/2013/Fin 22/02/2013Expediting Social Security Pension Payments Modifications sanctioned
GO(P)No 99/2013/Fin  22/02/2012 Budget Estimates 2012-13 Allocation of funds for Development Expenditure to Grama Panchayaths
GO(P)No.96/2013/Fin 19/02/2013Implementation of e-tendering system in all Government Departments/PSUs/Boards Opening of to more bank accounts-sanctioned
GO(Rt)No1367/2013/Fin 21/02/2013Kerala Financial Corporation-Appointment of Shri.P.Joy Oommen IAS (Rtd),Former Chief Secretary,Chhattisgarh as Chairman & Managing Director on re-employment basis
GO(Rt)No.1358/2013/Fin  21/02/2013 NABARD assisted RIDF Scheme -Appointing Sri.Mathew P.Koshy,Joint Secretary as authorized signatory for signing documents
GO(P)No.87/2013/Fin 18/02/2013 House Building Advance to State Government Employees-Additional loan from recognized financial institutions-creation of second mortgage-enhancement of limit
GO(Ms)No.85/2013/Fin 18/02/2013 Provisional Combined seniority list of Financial Assistants
 GO(P)No.79/2013/Fin 14/02/2013 The Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System(CPSMS)-Permissive sanction to user departments to open bank accounts
 GO(Rt)No.1188/2013/Fin 14/02/2013 World Bank aided performance grant under Kerala Local Government Service Delivery Project (KLGSDP)
 GO(P)No.78/2013/Fin 13/02/2013 Constitution of Public Policy Research Institute -Appointment of Dr.Jose Jacob,Director of National Savings as Special Officer
GO(Ms)No.64/2013/(130)/Fin 02/02/2013 Pay Revision 2009 -The post of Assistant(Selection Grade)/Legal Assistant(Senior Grade/Auditor(Selection Grade))Re designation-Sanctioned
 GO(Ms)No.63/2013/Fin 02/02/2013 Treasury Department-Stamp Depot Officer-scale of pay-Modified
GO(Ms)No.58/2013/Fin 31/01/2013 Special remuneration to the drivers on daily wages attached with the Chief Secretary/Additional Chief Secretary/Principal Secretaries/Secretaries in Secretariat
GO(P) No.57/2013/Fin 30/01/2013 Disbursement of salary and other entitlement of Government Employees through Treasury /bank accounts
 GO(P)No.48/2013/Fin 23/01/2013 KSR Part III Rule 100 Revision of reemployment pay clarification
GO(P)No 45/2013/Fin  22/01/2013KSR Amendment SRO No 71/2013
 GO(P)No.43/2013/2013 22/01/2013 Enhancement of delegation of powers to Chief Engineer to issue technical sanction in PWD
 GO(P)No 30/2013/Fin 16/01/2013 Guidelines for authorising Headmasters of aided Primary and High Schools to draw salary bills without counter signature
 GO(P)No 29/2013/Fin 16/01/2013 CPSMS-Registering of Departments in the Accounting Software
 GO(P)No 27/2013/Fin 15/01/2013 K S R Amendment S R O No 33/2013
 GO(P)No.23/2013/Fin 10/01/2013 K.S.R Amendment SRO No 26/2013
 GO(P)No.20/2013/Fin 07/01/2013 Implementation of National Pension System to employees joining service with effect from 01/04/2013
GO(P)No 16/2013/Fin 07/01/2013 Rates of Fee/Charges for services provided by Police Department-Revised
 GO(P)No.15/2013/Fin 07/01/2013 Implementation of e-tendering system in all Government Departments /PSUs -Constitution of e-tender cell in Finance Department
 GO(P)No.09/2013/Fin 04/01/2013 Budget Estimates 2012-13 Funds for expansion and Development -Allocation of 2 nd Instalment of Grant under 13 th Finance Commission recommendations to Local Governments
 GO(P)No.05/2013/Fin 02/01/2013 Leave Travel Concession to the State Government Employees -Rules/Guidelines -orders issued
 GO(Ms)No.04/2013/Fin 2/01/2013 Revision of Pay and Allowances of employees of Kerala Water Authority -Erratum
 GO(P)No.01/2013/Fin 01/01/2013 KSR Amendment SRO No 2/2013

Non Vocational Lecturers Association (NVLA)

The organization was formally registered in 1997 (Reg. No. GO (RT) No.1151/97/G. Edn dtd 5/4/1997) though it took shape as early as 1992

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