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Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Question Bank by VHSE Career Guidance Cell

Each and every student is different in his or her ways. The individual difference among the learners is a great task to be accomplished successfully to meet the learners' needs to achieve good results. Specially prepared learning materials practising different question papers would enable much the students who are below average level or with low learning curves.  The Career Guidance and Counselling cell(VHSE wing) took a conjoined effort to this by carrying out certain strategic plans and notes to make a change in the outcome of the performance of Higher Secondary students in the board examination. Click the link to download model question bank.

Higher Secondary Question Bank
XI English Question Bank
XII English Question Bank
XI Physics Question Bank
XII Physics Question Bank
XI Chemistry Question Bank(Updated)
XII Chemistry Question Bank(Updated)
XI Mathematics Question Bank
XII Mathematics Question Bank
XI Botany Question Bank(Updated)
XII Botany Question Bank(Updated)
XI Zoology Question Bank
XII Zoology Question Bank
XI Accountancy Question Bank
XII Accountancy Question Bank
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