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Pay Revision Arrear 3rd Instalment

SPARK PMU has enabled the option for processing the 3rd instalment Pay Revision arrears in accordance with the G.O (P) No. 50/2018/Fin dated 26/03/2016. Government of Kerala has issued this order to draw the amount of 3rd instalment PR arrear on 01/04/2018 along with the interest in the arrears at the rate admissible to the PF.
All DDO’s should strictly follow the below directions/ instructions for taking the 3rd installment Pay revision arrears.
Step 1:
Confirm Encashment details:
Generate 3rdPay Revision  Arrear  3rd Instalment  Updated pay revision arrear bill, only after confirming the encashment details of the 2nd pay revision arrear bill.
Encashment details of the pay revision arrear bills can be viewed through the
Salary matters-- Encashment Details (Select SPARK code of the firstly processed PR arrear. If it is a reprocessed bill, then select the reprocessed bill and confirm encashment details)

For updating encashment details, select the pay revision arrear bill , select the month on which the employee’s 2nd pay revision arrear bill got processed , but in the case of reprocessed bills you should select reprocessed 2nd instalment bill). On updating the encashment details, you may able to view the description of schedules in the pay revision arrear bill generation, but bill generation will be possible only after doing “ Make bill” option for the 3rd installment bill. Draft bill generation option is not activated for 3rd installment pay revision arrears, if employees’ 1st and 2nd instalment processed correctly, the user may proceed with Make bill option for the 3rd instalment.
Step 2:
Make the 3rd instalment Pay revision Arrear Bill Accounts--->>Make Bill from Pay Roll For generating the 3rd instalment bill, please go to Accounts-  Make Bill from Pay roll option. Encashment updated bill will be listed in ‘Make Bill from Pay roll” option fordoing make bill, Click on “Make bill” button and then you may able to view the links for generating the Bills and Schedules in the ‘Make bill from Pay Roll” option itself, Also you may generate the Bills and schedules through the option;
Step 3:
Salary Matters--Pay revision arrear 2014 bill generation option.

Pay revision Arrear Bill generation option through Salary Matters- Pay revision
Pay revision Arrear  Bill--->Pay revision Arrear  Bill :Select First Installment Processed Year and Month  eg:2017 May.
Step 4: 
Accounts ----Bills---- E submit Bill
Step 5: View bill status
Accounts-- Bills-- View submitted Pay bills If the bill status seen as treasury objected, then this bill can be cancelled through the option; Accounts------>Cancel bill.

How to Process Retired Employees Pay Revision Arrear3rd Installment
Accounts -->Make Bill from Payroll -->Use Exclude Button and Make Bill -->Salary Matters-->pay revision 2014 -->pay revision arrear -->Pay Revision Arrear Reprocessing 


Hand Book :Pay Revision Arrear 3rd Installment

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