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Hi-tech School

Hi-tech School Project is aimed at improving the academic activities and administrative works in the General Education sector in Kerala state. It@School has been assigned the task of achieving this. School IT coordinators has the responsibility of providing necessary technical guidance to the teachers.
Hi-tech School Data Collection (Survey)
To implement this scheme in schools, details of facilities available have to be collected. Classrooms, lab facilities, hardware appliances etc come under this survey. For more information on how to fill data in online survey form, read the help file given below. July 15th is the last date for completing this process.
Hi-Tech School Data Collection
Hi-Tech School Data Collection and Survey Guidelines
Hi-Tech School Data Collection Web Portal Link

Several activities related to this are going on at school level for the successful implementation of Hi-Tech School project.
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools
The government has published an order on a common criteria to be followed for the disposal of e-wastes in schools in our state. E-waste Management and Disposal is an online facility for this. Now, it is possible for schools to visit portal to upload their details. A detailed helpline and link to online portal is given below.
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools-General Instructions
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools- Govt Order GO(P) No. 1963/17/ Gen.Edn dtd 20.06.2017
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools-User Guide
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools-Web Portal

Samagra – E-Resource Content Management System
With the implementation of Hi-Tech School Project, the digital resources become a requisite for the teachers and the students for the empowerment of teaching – learning process. Samagra , the Resource Management Portal enables distributing and sharing this among the students in the class room. Going through the help file given below would assist to log into the Samagra portal and upload study materials.
Samagra – E-Resource Content Management System
Samagra – E-Resource Content Management System-Guidelines
Samagra – E-Resource Content Management System-Web Portal
Orders and circulars in connection with Hi-Tech School Project published by the Department of Education and It@School can be downloaded from the link.
Hi-Tech School Project-Govt Orders
Hi-Tech School Project-Implementation Agency. GO(P) No.3390/16 Gen.Edn dtd 14.10.2016
Hi-Tech School Project-School Survey by It@School. GO(P) No.3732/16 Gen.Edn dtd 07.11.2016
Hi-Tech School Project-Participation of Individual Investments for Making Smart-Class Rooms. GO(Rt) No.69/2017 Gen.Edn dtd 13.01.2017
Hi-Tech School Project-Approach Paper(Draft)
Hi-Tech School Project-Implementation Guidelines
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