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We demanded the change of special rules for VHSE

Minutes of the meeting held at Science and Technology museum yesterday in the presence of minister of education. 

1) We demanded the change of special rules for VHSE to overcome the junior -senior issue by taking into account the workload of HSSTS where they can have senior scale with this time duration of 12 hours.We raised the issue of' equal pay for equal job'.

2) Saturday off for VHSE was demanded by almost all organisations which the minister agreed to consider favorably. He reminded that it is a policy decision which couldn't take then.

3) HSSTs junior -senior issue will be considered by upgrading juniors to seniors on completion of 5 years in service.When asked about ours,he said that too would be considered.But our issue/demand is different and I think the minister has to be informed that ours is a bit different. We demanded a change in the present special rules to tackle this issue.The irony of teachers who have the same workload of 12 hrs/week getting different scales was also mentioned

4) The present conduct of OJT in the midst of the academic year affecting the other subjects was also mentioned. We demanded a selection of OJT centers by the department itself to assure quality n suggested it would be better to conduct it during vacation.

5) The conduct of improvement exams in the month of September was also criticised. We asked to conduct it during the month of June itself as the evaluation of first year answer scripts will be over in May itself.

6) We demanded Transfer of teachers before the commencement of the academic year itself. Minister agreed to that and assured transparency in transfers by forming strict transfer norms of general education as a whole.

Since the meeting lasted nearly 5 hours ,an issue raised by one organisation couldn't be repeated. Principal post issue was raised by Jayalekha and she was allowed to speak much earlier than us being the sole lady attended the meeting. She left by 5.30 .but the meeting lasted till 7.30.
a)The minister made a 90 mts speech elaborating the changes he envisages in general education from next academic year.Redeployment of high school teachers and post creation in higher secondary schools sanctioned by the earlier government came under scanner.Minister assured creation of posts in the near future.Teachers who are not yet redeployed have to wait till 14th for the judgement of the court.He cited ethical issues for not giving them salary at present since they lost their posts.But he assured teacher friendly steps to resolve it at the earliest.
Aided schools also will get government assistance for digilltalised class rooms till 12th,free  khadi uniforms vl be given upto std 5 this year n cash for the same from 6 to 8. MLA funds can be used to make toilets in school hereafter for which some amendments are made in the law.But asset creation for individuals in the former of building won't be allowed.Every school is gonna have a bio diversity park n vhs schools with agri course vl be given the charge of the same in the concerned school.Schools will be renovated with private public participation for which representatives of people at various levels are entrusted. One model school in every constituency, a swimming pool for students in every constituency etc were some of the declarations.All schools need to have good building and infrastructure n thereby attract more students from next academic year is his vision.I could remember this much alone
 A representation mentioning all the vital issues was also handed over to the minister in person.                      

 We demanded a change of our designation from NVT to VHSST which the minister took a note of. 

Non Vocational Lecturers Association (NVLA)

The organization was formally registered in 1997 (Reg. No. GO (RT) No.1151/97/G. Edn dtd 5/4/1997) though it took shape as early as 1992

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