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Innovation day

Innovation day
What is innovation day? It is only an attempt to convey the students what is innovation. As u know anybody can do or suggest some kind of innovation. It can be anything helpful to our life . Please note that it is not mandatory to relate Innovation Day with their courses.
1. Video Presentation . ( let the students closely watch the sample innovation videos)
2. Tell them to identify a problem such as walking problem for disabled, Leakage of Gas cylinder and cutting a Bush tree etc ..
3. Tell them to imagine for a working model
4. Let them discuss the workability and viability as well.
5. Finally let them present their thoughts/ideas if any on the platform.
Your Role: Closely watch the discussions and guide them to identify a problem . Even no output is coming ;please encourage them and make the discussion a serious one (later they may find a good innovative concept )
Feel free to call for any further assistance.
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