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First Year (+1) New Text Books(SCERT)

State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Kerala  published the upcoming academic year 2014-15 text books for First Year Higher Secondary(Plus One) course. 

Plus one (11th standard) have total 57 books in different categories. Some of them are optional.

The Reference for the first chapter available here till the text book distribution is completed.

Click the below link and refer the new syllabus for HSE First Year (Plus One) Malayalam, English and Computer Application for better comprehension.

Plus One (First Year) Computer Application
First Year (+1) Computer Application Text Book (Syllabus & Contents)
First Year Comp Application Chapter 1: Page 1-17|Page 18-32|Page 33-42
Plus One (First Year) English
First Year (+1) English Text Book (Syllabus & Contents)
First Year (+1) English - Chapter 1
Plus One (First Year) Malayalam
First Year (+1) Malayalam Text Book (Syllabus & Contents)
First Year (+1) Malayalam - Chapter 1
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