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CE Monitoring & Mark Maker SW 2013-14

By BiBin & Ajith

The CE items are to be evaluated on the basis of uniform criteria and the scores obtained will be taken into consideration for fixing the grade during term-end evaluation. The cluster monitoring team has to prepare an activity plan and implement the activity in the class with the help of the teacher in the school. The response of the students may be recorded in the corresponding page of the Proforma -I and get it signed by the Principal and Teacher. A copy of the score sheet of the CE may be collected with the signature of the Teacher and Principal. Proforma -II may be filled in by the monitoring team after the visit. Here is a collection of CE Monitoring Proforma, Forms, Duty Certificate, Work-done Memorandum, CE Mark Maker Software for generating Consolidated Score Sheet,Claim Form Maker etc:-

Circular & Guidelines
Formation of CE Monitoring Team.Circular dtd 09.01.2014
CE Monitoring Guidelines. Circular dtd 13.01.2014
Proforma & Forms
CE Monitoring Proforma-I & Proforma-II [English Version]
CE Monitoring Proforma-I & Proforma-II [Malayalam Version]
CE Monitoring Work-done Memorandum[PDF Version]
CE Monitoring Work-done Memorandum[Excel Version]
CE Monitoring Duty Certificate[Sample Version]
CE Mark Maker : Software for Score Sheet Generation
CE Mark Maker 7.8 ( for any group with 6 subjects)
CE Mark Maker 7.8 ( for science group with Biology)
CE Mark Maker 7.8 ( for science group with Computer Science)
CE Mark Maker 7.8 ( for Second Languages)
CE Mark Maker 7.8 : Help File
CE Claim Form Maker [Dev. Ajith Kanthi]
CE Claim Form & Work Done Maker 1.0
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