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There are many speculations behind the name of this locality. Some may doubt relations with "Paav – Roti", Andhra Bread. Again many others try to find out a connection between this locality and the English word – ‘poverty’. But the older generation is for another view. In old days there were many looms in and around this area. The weavers of this locality used to run the shuttle twice (Paav) twisting the time of thread – "Paav" – put twice (iratty). Anyhow this locality had a significant role in various fields. In architecture, we find "Pavaratty Finish". It is the marble (mirror) finish work done with verily coloured cement coatings that brought this term. The workers of Pavaratty are very much skilled in this art and it was done throughout Kerala by the workers from here. Again, we may find a name in the past, related to pavaratty–Kavalapara. It denotes the present ‘Pavaratty Centre’. There was a police post here and hence the name came to be used.
Pavaratty has been by three Christian Religious Congregations : the CMI CMC and SABS. The CMI and CMC serve Pavaratty especially in the field of education; whereas the SABS administer the Hospital.
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