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  Atlas Online                                   

2. World Atlas

3. Maps of India

4 Census Maps of India

5 Census maps of Kerala


1. E-Learning tutor

2. Encyclopedia Britannica

3. Encyclopedia MSN Encarta

4. World Book Encyclopedias.

5. Wikipedia encyclopedia

1. Zone for Useful resources for higher studies.

2. Education Network

3.Resource of career opportunities

4. All Educational Information educational opportunities, educational institutions and career guidance

5. Career option analysis, admission notice , leadership and services, college data bank, university data bank, rating of university, business school etc.,

 Online Dictionaries                                                           
1. Cambridge Dictionary Online

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

3. Hyperdicationary

 Online Libraries                              
1. The world's largest online library!

Nalanda Digital Library - National Institute of Technology

3. Vidyanidhi - Digital Library and E-Scholarship Portal

4. e-books, online tutoring, customized course Web sites and subscription ... Post Secondary and Higher Education

5. School & Library Site


1. Scholarships in India

2. Scholarships by department of education Govt. of India

3. Scholarships to Muslim students

4. Scholarships for Kerala Students

3. Vidyanidhi - Digital Library and E-Scholarship Portal

QUESTION BANK                                    
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